DiC Geeks

Episode 21

DIC Animated Christmas Blast (2008) - Part I

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It's a Christmas Miracle! Not only do we return, but we return to cover an entire Shout Factory published DVD boxset of Christmas specials! In the first episode of this very special two-parter we take a detailed look at the three cartoons on the first disc: 'Sonic Christmas Blast (1996)' is a Christmas special for Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog aired three years after the show was cancelled, made to advertise a game that never materialised, 'Santa What-A-Mess (1995)' is the Christmas special for DiC's take on the Frank Muir/Joseph Wright childrens books and is nothing short of charming, and 'A Hollywood Hounds Christmas (1994)' is a one-off special made to advertise a horrifying-looking toy line that the internet barely registers the existence of. We get a bit angry at that one, so heads up.

Avery would like it to be known that the editing is perhaps a little jankier than usual because she's a little out of practice. Also, this episode is hella longer than our usual content, so a heads up on that too.

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