DiC Geeks

Episode 60

I'm Telling! (1987)

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In a very bizarre out of nowhere move in the late 80s, Dic made a kid's gameshow. Why? No one really knows, and for the most part, everyone's kind of forgotten about it. ...Mainly because, it's genuinely very forgettable, barring the celebrity specials. Taking the newlywed game and giving it a sibling-based twist, I'm Telling has two closely related children answer specific questions about each other, hoping that they'll both say the same thing in order to earn points and get access to the elusive Pick-A-Prize Arcade where they could win fantastic prizes. Sound familiar? Well yeah, it will do. It's a very generic concept for a show, much less one aimed at kids. As a direct result of this fact, we only spend half this episode actually talking about it, with the latter half dedicated to discussing far more interesting and unique gameshows from the UK. The most notable things we find about it are its creator and some of the young celebs that found their way onto the show back in the day...but who are they? Find out in this week's edition of Dic Geeks!

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