DiC Geeks

Episode 16

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (1999)

Mostly Kobolds published on

With a title like this and a theme tune ripped directly from the Best of eJay Demo Tunes 1996 Edition, this was guaranteed to be a fun romp. Fortunately, in a pleasant turn of events - it was! 22nd Century is a bit of an interesting one, not only in its entire premise, but also in that it's a successful co-production between Dic Animation and Scottish Television (aka STV). Featuring a no-star cast of characters (save for Lestrade's voice actor, who went on to be Lieutenant Liu in Alienators) and a striking blend of 3D CGI and 2D animation, SHIT22C aimed to bring Holmes "back to life".

Also we mentioned that we wished they had just dressed Watson up in his old clothing - upon looking up screenshots of this cartoon, I found that he does eventually get the clothes which makes his design infinitely better.

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