DiC Geeks

Episode 10

The Care Bears (1985)

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Despite their soft and cute exterior, The Care Bears is a powerful brand that has possibly the most depressing backstory ever. Instead of being this adorable little thing built up by a small family from Scandinavia or some shit like that, Care Bears were literally created by corporate business types. Their entire existence is to be cute accurately emotional mascots for greeting cards and such and not much else. This quickly spiralled into a full on craze with young girls, thus leading to more and more merchandise. Which eventually lands us on this cartoon from Dic. Each episode segment is about 10 minutes each, and has a self encased story of "Care Bears find kids. Kids have problems. Care Bears fix problems via mild assistance or straight up brainwashing the person causing the problems. Episode ends." And if you think I'm acting ridiculous or edgy about this? Well, no. I'm really not. It's actually like this. With all that said, how does it stand up today? Listen in and find out!

DiC Geeks - The Care Bears (1985)
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