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Episode 3

Episode 3 - Garurumon

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This weeks episode - "Garurumon" or in Japan, "The Blue Wolf! Garurumon" 


No Jules this week, so instead we're joined by guests Tal and Sam to keep rolling through the early days of the show (before anything cool starts to happen).

Highlights include: Tentomon's divination rod (stop being dirty), Mimi being eerily accurate to an event 50 episodes from now, Gomamon's revenge on the fish who didn't come to his birthday party, Tentomon heard about it, Agumon's hard body, and likely more time spent talking about future episodes than the episode we're actually watching.


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You can find Joel on his other podcast, an episode by episode rewatch of Power Rangers called Teenagers with Attitude. You can find them on iTunes and ShoutEngine, on twitter @TeenswithTude, email them at, or on their Facebook group "Teenagers with Attitude". 30 odd episodes down, 800-something to go.

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