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Episode 6

Episode 6 - Togemon in Toy Town

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Jules returns and we're joined by new guest Zack for our most cactus filled adventure yet

This time we cover episode 6 - "Togemon in Toy Town" or in Japan, "Palmon Angrily Evolves"

Along the way: Zack mispronounces more or less every word imaginable, the appearance of the poop digimon, I'm the only one dedicated enough to stay up until 4AM to watch the new Tri, we imagine the digidestined as EVA pilots, and Monzaemon is a drug dealer. Also there is a giant cactus with boxing gloves. She is amazing.


You can find Jules on where there are cool articles that are supposed to be about comics but aren't always (much like this podcast is supposed to be about Digimon) and on twitter @GatsbyLow

You can find Zack and Joel on their podcast, Teenagers with Attitude, where they talk about Power Rangers (although probably even less than we talk about Digimon). You can find them on iTunes and ShoutEngine, twitter @TeensWithTude, email at, and on their facebook group, Teenagers With Attitude.


If you'd like use to read a question of yours on the show, you can email us at It doesn't have to be Digimon related, it'll just turn out that way in the end.

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