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Episode 7

Episode 7 - Ikakkumon's Harpoon Torpedo

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No Joel this week, but we have Jules, former guest Tal, and infamous new guest Luke to talk about episode 7 - "Ikakkumon's Harpoon Torpedo" OR "Roar! Ikakkumon" (alternate title "Who's this asshole?")


Along the way: I tell Luke to watch the wrong episode, the mere concept of eggs breaks his mind, Tal convinces us that Ryo Akiyama and Gennai are one and the same, , and Luke just can't deal with the Digimon Wiki.


You can find Luke on his mostly irregular but often updated podcast "Let's Place" in which he and friends attempt to scientifically and objectively rank every single video game ever made. All of them. It can be found on ShoutEngine and iTunes.

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