Driving While Awesome
Episode 68

Driving A PT Cruiser For A Year - DWA Podcast #68

Lane Skelton published on

Would you drive a PT Cruiser for a year if you could drive a ??? for the next year? Some other car talk and a little train trivia.

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Driving While Awesome - Driving A PT Cruiser For A Year - DWA Podcast #68
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  • Stanton Woods

    Awesome show. I am totally in agreement with the take on being ready to pull the trigger on buying a car. A 1980 VW Scirocco popped up locally on craigslist and I ran over during lunch break the day it was posted. Got a great deal on a nice Mk1.

  • Lane Skelton

    Thanks Stanton, and congrats on the MK1 Scirocco!