Fearlessly Playful

Episode 4

Unsticking your Thinking with WA Real's Bryn Edwards

Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie published on

In this week’s episode of Fearlessly Playful...well you've probably noticed there haven't been any new episodes lately! It's because I've been stuck. And when I get stuck it's usually a call for me to change what I'm doing, or stop doing something.

I know I didn't want to stop doing my podcast, so I needed to dig a bit deeper to figure out what I needed to do to get unstuck. And what a great topic for a podcast episode!

And so who better to talk to that my friend, podcast coach and host of the WA Real podcast, Bryn Edwards (Australia/UK). It was a fabulous conversation not just about the things that we let hold us back, but also the meaning, purpose and power of play. We also talked about our own journeys as podcasters and why its become such a popular medium thanks to its potential for authentic and vulnerable conversations.

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