Garnett on Games
Episode 3

GDC 2014

Garnett Lee published on

Virtual reality headsets and indie games brought a positive outlook for the future of video gaming to the 2014 Game Developers Conference. Garnett returns from the San Francisco with his report on Sony's Project Morpheus for the PS4 and experimental eye-tracking technology. He also digs into the significance of Unreal and Cryengine becomming available on new low pricing models that open up access to small developers. Of course he gets into some of his favorite games from the show including Narcosis and Rollers of the RIng. There's much more including yes, he took his Vita on the trip to play Tearaway.

Garnett on Games - GDC 2014
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  • 123woki .

    Garnett, I played stick it to the man on Vita quite while ago, in fact I think its free now. It was a promising game with great production values, but when all was said and done it was very "one note". The gameplay is pretty much the same throughout and the mechanics are not interesting enough to make it a great game. There was a lot of potential there, but it was a little under cooked for me. The game got a lot of super high reviews like 9's and 10's... I think that's a bit odd, but it wasn't bad. My favorite part of the game has to be the intro track they chose....

  • Garnett Lee

    Hmm, one of the dangers of seeing a game only briefly whether at a show or playing a demo. Still think I want to give it a go, though of course I have a mountain of games I want to play! Thanks for the comment and for listening!

  • 123woki .

    Its worth playing for sure but not quite as exciting as I thought it would be. I remember having the same really excited first impression... Definitely check out Gravity rush when you get a chance if you haven't already... keep up the good work man....

  • 123woki .

    In regards to the Vita, I think that people need to start to give the system a break, its an awesome system with a ton of great games on it. I've heard so many people in the games media slagging on the vita and saying that they never use it. It has built up a substantial library of great indie games at this point and i hope Sony continues to support the platform. By the way Garnett after you finish Tearaway you really need to play Gravity Rush, that game is criminally under rated....

  • Robert C

    Garnett, I know that you have previously said that you don't think that the PS4 remote play will be a big boost to Vita, and while I agree, I think you're overlooking the other piece of the PS4-Vita equation, which is PS Plus. The success of the PS4 has likely boosted PS Plus subscriptions significantly and all of those people are receiving a constant stream of free Vita games that they can't play unless they buy a Vita. I think that, along with a really strong Indie game push on the platform will definitely give it a leg up going forward. Now, I don't think that the VIta will ever come close to challenging the 3DS, and I don't even think that the whole "full console experience in your handheld" is something that most people want, (we'll see with Borderlands 2) but I do think that it has a promising future as a platform for smaller games and indie titles. Which, fortunately for me, is what I'm mostly into these days.

  • Robert C

    Garnett, you say that you don't think that there is a large group of people who want to access media services like Netflix that aren't already playing for Gold/Plus. I have no idea how big that population is, but if it were truly not a significant number, I would think that Microsoft would move those services out from behind it's paywall. They've been facing a pretty brutal PR struggle for a while about being anti-consumer, among other things, and if this was not making them good money, it's baffling that they would maintain their current policy.

  • Garnett Lee

    I think you put it well. It is baffling that these features sit behind the Gold wall but I question the argument that there are many folks out there paying for Gold just to access media apps. Thanks for listening!

  • Robert C

    Sure. I'm enjoying the show.

    Just to be clear, I'm not arguing that there are a lot of people who pay for Gold to access Netflix. I'm just saying that if there aren't a lot of people, there's really no point for MS to wall them off because whatever paltry sum they make off it can't be worth giving Sony another stick to hit them with.

  • Zack Rowe

    Garnett, part of what made Weekend Confirmed so great was the inclusion of co-hosts and/or guests. When I listen to your new show I get frustrated when you have no one like Brian or Jeff to dispute your opinions. Often times I agree with your point of view but when I don't its disappointing to listen to you go off on a tangent without anyone there to rebuttal your argument. I believe you have the right personality to carry the show but you need someone else in the room even if it's not the same person from week to week. It's also great to have you back so soon! Keep on doing what you do, I know you will get this thing hammered out soon enough!

  • Garnett Lee

    Zack, Thanks for giving the show a listen. Sounds like it's not for you and nothing wrong with that. Having other people on the show makes it a different format. It's like some people like jazz music, some don't. Making jazz into house doesn't make it better, it makes it something else.

    So some folks are really liking this format and others aren't. Appreciate the support and when I do something in a different format hope you'll give that a go too.

  • Zack Rowe

    Hey Garnett thanks for the reply! I respect that you are trying something different with this new format. But you did seem a bit concerned at the beginning of this episode with the drops in numbers so I thought I would reach out and share my opinion with why I think that is. Just so you are aware I started listening to Weekend Confirmed when it was fist posted on the Shack and felt as if I lost a group of friends when it ended so no matter what format it is you choose I will continue to listen.

  • Robert C

    Think of it this way: with no co-hosts to push back on Garnett, it means that you can be the one to do it in the comments!

  • Garnett Lee

    Ah, I see. I may have come off wrong. I knew this would happen. It's the exact same all other shows I've made have taken. It takes a little time to see a true trajectory to the audience so I'm waiting that out to see how it goes. We actually had much deeper dips with Weekend Confirmed and it took a long time to show any sort of pattern.

  • Drew Freeman

    Garnett, I suppose it's worth mentioning the Music credits aren't in the description for the show?

  • John Scardino

    I would love to get some music credits. A few of those interludes were fantastic and I'd like to buy them ASAP.

  • Omari Spence

    I have always like hearing your opinion but hearing one person’s opinion is boring. Having different opinions on different topics would help the show. I have not listened to a full show yet due to the lack of opinions. I know you are starting over and I hope you are around for a long time I just hope some of the moves you make adds other personalities to the show.

  • Ray Marden

    Garnett, three things from this week's episode:

    1. Give me a subscription link.

    2. You'll have to watch the numbers and see how they go. The one concern I have is the lack of a centralized communication hub/area. You're a twitter fiend, but that's not a great format for in depth discussions. Beyond that, how are people learning about the show or where do they even go to talk about it? Should I post this here? Your personal FB page? The Garnett on Games FB page? Are the more casual Shugashack listeners aware of the new format? You potentially have groups of people that don't see or hear each other. It really is your damn show :), but you might want to pick a preferred location and have all the other media forms direct people to the main one your preferred.

    3. As for PS4 vs. One online services, I think the One is in an awkward place. If somebody is buying multiple systems or has higher end devices, the One will be found inferior to the other streaming/media devices. If somebody is looking only to game on a console, the PS4 has the price and performance advantage. If somebody is primarily a gamer, but might be interested in media options, the lower cost (system cost and larger number of free online services) of the PS4 could be more appealing. If somebody doesn't yet know/realize they would like these services, they aren't likely to pay for it in advance (One,) but may stumble into them by accident on the PS4. Further, the One is trying to be a television media hub during a time that people are abandoning cable television services at an increasing rate. I just don't see the justification for the Kinnect and I get a better gaming experience on the PS4, to say nothing of what's available on the PC via Steam and/or the indie gaming scene.

  • Garnett Lee

    Thanks, Ray.

    So far as the centralized thing, I've hammered on the "Garnett on Games" Facebook page being the "official" show thread and comment place. I'm watching other spots less frequently as well, though, because some simply don't do Facebook.

  • Stealth

    Hey garnet really nice job on the podcast.

  • Stealth

    Hey dude, I am sure you get asked a million times but ifg you ever need a good podcast guest...........