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Episode 34

Death By Snu Snu

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We're all in the house this week, with the return of Matt after being hit by a truck (literally).

First segment is a return of 'What about this car?', and this week is a about the P-Plater favourite, the '02 Mitsubishi Mirage...

We then have caved in and allowed Joel, AKA Rent-A-Crowd, to have his own segment dedicated to motorcycles. The segment is called 'Motorcycle Minute' in which Joel is given 60 seconds to freely talk about motorcycles.

  1. It is then a revival of Joseph's segment called 'Automotive Word Association'.

Association words;

  1. Supra
  2. Great Wall
  3. Lug Nuts
  4. Tranny
  5. Supercharger
  6. Lamborghini
  7. Suzuki
  8. Naturally Aspirated
  9. Colin McRae
  10. Socket Wrench

We then break into a bit of news.

We briefly talk about the new Mustang as Matt wasn't with us for the previous episode. Matt then brings up BMW declaring that they will not be bringing new EV's (electric vehicles) to Australia due to the Australian Government's "short sighted attitude." We then discuss the Land Rover Defender's return, which is backed by Mercedes Benz. Then we discuss a Japansese magazine showing pics that they claim are shots of a production new Supra, which divides us lot as it doesn't look much like the FT-1 concept.

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Gears and Beers: The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast - Death By Snu Snu
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