Gears and Beers: The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast
Episode 50

Lively Young Horse

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We made it to episode 50, it's hard to believe we've come this far, and still no end in sight.

The first thing we talk about is Mitch's mistake from Tuesday night. While it wasn't fatal, it wasn't fun for Mitch.

We then talk about video games, specifically Forza Horizon 4 following the E3 2018 announcement.

Mitch then talks about the 70 Years of Porsche event at Porsche Centre Brisbane on Saturday.

Then Joseph talks about the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept, which is absolutely stunning.

Mitch then changes gear, and talks about Porsche, just for something different. Porsche has named their Mission E, the Taycan.

Then Joseph talks about the engine update to the 2.0L Mazda ND MX5, added power and rev range, sadly the update is at the moment only for the Japanese market.

Then Joseph asks us what cheap 4x4 we'd buy for $10,000 or less... Which turns out to be his way of telling us what 4x4 he should get.


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Gears and Beers: The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast - Lively Young Horse
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