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Episode 41

The Dog's Breakfast

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After a technical hitch with the upload, and better late than never, episode 41 is here!

This week we discuss Pagani claiming they're ending Huayra production with the L'Ultimo.

We then talk about official prificing for the Ford Ranger Ratpor being released for the Australian market, and we were a bit off with our guestimation of $85,000 the other week. This then births a conversation about other high-end utes, and a passionate debate about the new Mercedes X-Class.

Then we talk about BMW Australia leaking the M2 Competition on their own website, which looks like it's going to be one hell of a car.... And we go back to arguing about utes again.

Just before we kick into 'Motorcycle Minute'', Joseph gives Matt the budget for 'Finders Fee', and the budget this week is $50,000. This week on Motorcycle Minute, Joel discusses how the German government is funding BMW (and other companties) to research new carbon fiber technology for use in various industries. This develops into a discussion about carbon fiber and its chinsy-ness in some use cases, and a conversation about GT86 exhausts.

We then play Finder's Fee. The cars Matt picked are;

  1. 2009 AMG C63 automatic
  2. 2017 AMG A45 automatic
  3. 2017 Ford Mustang GT manual

Mitch then brings up Volkswagen bringing out the T-Cross at the end of 2019, which is a Polo-based small SUV, yet another SUV for the Volkswagen brand.

Mitch then asks "are manual drivers are better at driving than automatic drivers?" (on average).

We then end the show by reviewing Krispy Kreme's Simpsons donuts... Because why the hell not.


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Gears and Beers: The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast - The Dog's Breakfast
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