Gears and Beers: The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast
Episode 15

This logic is not logical

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We didn't think we'd have much to talk about this week, as it has been a rather slow news week... But... Us being us, we managed to tanget off tangets and go a full hour. It's a skill, really. This week Joseph asks the question "Why are we so obsessed with power?" which develops into an interesting debate, with many tangets. We talk about the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Verde, which me and Matt saw on the way to record the podcast. This car gave the two of us goosebumps as we heard it play the sound of its people. We compare it to the base model and the mid-range Veloce, then Matt and Joseph make a bet. Joseph then starts a new segment, in which we'll be mentioning new under-appreciated YouTube channels. This week, Joseph talks about SavageGeese. We once again talk about the Kia Stinger and the new G70 Hyundai Genesis, however we all still agree that the G70 is the one to have. Then we argue about the Kia Rio and the legitimacy of using cruise control around town. Mitsubishi has released an image of their e-Evolution crossover-SUV concept ahead of Tokyo Auto Show, and somehow tanget onto Skoda and Renault wagons, and Mitch once agains pledges his love for LS-swapped Volvo wagons. Mitch then discusses the top fastest car from each decade from the last 5 decades, which then triggers Matt on how he missed McLaren releasing the 720s... This then turns into an argument of stats between Joseph's favorite Ferrari, the 812 Superfast, Mitch's favourite Porshce the GT2 RS, and Matt's McLaren 720s. Not bad considering we thought we wouldn't have much to talk about!

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Gears and Beers: The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast - This logic is not logical
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