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Episode 151

Episode 151 E3 Public Split

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E3 is now open to the public

NY Times now bundling Spotify to entice new customers

Would you drink beer that is 4000 years old ?

TV / Film

DJedi1 reviews Split

What If I told you could possibly watch Justice League & Wonder Woman from the comfort of your home ?

John Boyega tweets first official look at Pacific Rim 2

Iron Fist release date and new trailer

Voltron season 2

Everything Games Everything Zen

Destiny 2 rumors

Morphite coming to steam

TimeSplitters Rewind


12 more games added to PlayStation Now is
This a direct response to Xbox backwards compatibility?

D_jedi1’s collectibles

The Revenant Leonardo Dicaprio Figure [$139.99]

(unlicensed) The Flash [$135.99]

Medieval Highlander Connor MacLeod [$189.99]

Geekly Podcast - Episode 151 E3 Public Split
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