Episode 49

The Good Ship Rong Reporting For Duty

Chris Hayes published on

Blake Z. Rong is the man in charge for this one, because Jeff Glucker is off galavanting in Colorado. Guest co-host Zack Klapman and Mr. Rong are joined by the general manager of the west coast offices of Gotham Dream Cars Nick Bailey.


First they talk about the new WRX and STI. Zack, being a former STI owner, had  a lot to say. Blake sternly touches on his Kia press car, and Zack talks about the magic of the A8 L diesel's radar cruise control. The guys drool over the Lotus motorcycle, and then Nick epxlains what it was like driving a gigantic truck in Texas.


They also discussed various hyper car designs, spurred by the question, "Would Enzo Ferrari like the Enzo Ferrari?"

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  • Mat Guest

    Hi guys, great content as usual. Are you able to please mix the podcast into a single channel? I listen while working and can only have the one earphone in which means i can hardly hear half of whats going on.