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DC Insider says "House of Cards" is the most accurate portrayal w/ Colette Beyer

Kirk Meighoo published on

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Colette Beyer, a former political branding strategist in Washington, DC, says that she finds that the Netflix series House of Cards is actually the most accurate portrayal of what she witnessed during her career there.

“It’s fun, being out of the game,” she says, “to look at it from an outsider’s perspective, because I always love it when people get really riled up, and they’re angry about what they’re hearing in the media.  And I have to just a chuckle because, you know, what’s being reported in the news most of the time isn’t correct.”

“They probably know about six months out behind the scenes as to what’s really going on. … We’re talking right now in January, they probably know stuff that’s going to be happening in July. And you don’t have a clue.”

“And you know, the reporters are given cold leads, and bad information, and they’re out there reporting this bad info. You just have to smile and shake your head. I don’t get wrapped up in any of it….”

“You know, I gotta tell you, the thing that I found most accurate is – it’s kind of sad to say -- is ‘House of Cards’, just that behind the scenes psychological element to it.”

“I don’t know of any young reporters being thrown in front of Metro trains, thank God. But there’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes and – what do they say? – you don’t want to know how sausages are made, and you don’t want to know how bills are made. Sometimes it’s for the best.”

This is an excerpt of the full interview found in Episode 22.

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