Jeff and Joe's Bachelor Show

Episode 1

BONUS: of That Darn Cast - Treasure Island!

Jeffrey Lakin published on
Hey, JJ Bach Show Fans! Jeff here. Wanted to share with you the pilot for a new show I'm working on in between Bachelor seasons with my wife McKenna - she's the one whose band provided our theme music for the show. We're going on a live action Disney adventure, combing through the back catalog of Disney's live action feature films, with the help of our local library. In the premiere, we start at the beginning with 1950's Treasure Island, but we plan on skipping around the decades and exploring all the weird and occasionally junky corners of what Disney had to offer when they weren't making cartoons. Hope you enjoy! And Jeff and Joe will see you again in January for ... ugh, Colton? We might have to meet sooner and discuss this turn of events.
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