Jeff and Joe's Bachelor Show

Episode 8

Everything and Nothing At Once

Jeffrey Lakin published on
I was super proud of that sage wisdom that closes out our first season and gives our finale episode its name, until I realized that it's a transposed Superchunk lyric I had kicking around in my brain. Oh well, I bet Garrett stole that whole eagles thing from somewhere too. Ah, the inevitable conclusion! Jeff and Joe try to rationalize and not judge Becca's final choice, but probably do anyway. The general weirdness of this biannual love triangle ritual is picked apart a little, the Instagram Likes Scandal (tm) is discussed for hopefully the final time ever, we throw down on a professional rivalry with our colleagues in Bachelor recapping (who happen to be former show contestants, but who's counting?), and wonder if we can ever really make this show be about more than it repeatedly tries to tell us it's all about. Thanks as always to Ponchos From Peru for letting us use an old album reject as some catchy theme music this season, and thanks to YOU, J&J Bach Show listener, for sticking with us for 8 episodes this year. Be sure to keep telling your friends, rate and review us, and stay tuned for what's sure to be next!
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