Jeff and Joe's Bachelor Show

Episode 2

Weeks Two and Three, Abridged For Your Convenience!

Jeffrey Lakin published on
We're back! After a week's hiatus from the podcast studio/guest bedroom, we return to tackle the monumental task of bringing you up to speed on two weeks and four hours of The Bachelorette. ... it's actually not that monumental a task. They should really edit that show more concisely! But we get into it all - the relay races, the sporting contests, the one on one dates, and of course, the greatest Dude Feud in show history, David and Jordan. Then things get real heavy as we contemplate how a major broadcast network failed to notice that one of our contestants had pending assault charges, but we pull out of that tailspin and stick the landing for you, the listener! Theme music, once again, is the terrific "Dummy", an unused track from the band Ponchos From Peru and their album "Friendship and Other Mistakes", which you can find on iTunes and your streaming services. And hey! We're on iTunes now too (wild, huh?), so maybe leave us a review? Thanks!
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