Jerk Mountain
Episode 29

A Star is Bored

Andy Gyger published on

Peer down with us at the top of Jerk Mountain, where you can share hearty laughs watching folks bagging, battling, and raking leaves while there’s more in the trees, using words that aren’t words, aftermarket/third party gaming controllers full of PB&J, the 10 song library of Blob Harley, and the wonderful concept of a cash only kitchen with IOUs (only you can prevent ATM STDs!) We’ll crush on dads while checking out a Bodiddley Snooper film, durr-liver pizzas in a wood cart, talk very little about how DST affected our lives, speedrun some video games, and how twitter has ruined exclamation points. All this, and 2 pads chewed by one cat here on episode 29 of JERK MOUNTAIN


Music by POP ZEUS, used with permission 



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Jerk Mountain - A Star is Bored
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