Jerk Mountain
Episode 33

Action Dicks

Andy Gyger published on

This week we’re up on the mountain chewing on scaliwags & scoundrels, guitar moves and hardcore bands, straightedge inception, vr headsets and vertigo, james cameron and his v-neck sweaters, two pairs of **supple joggers** for date night, how abercrombie is full of nutsacks, being OCD and pillow talk at trader joe’s, funco pop figurines and personal loans, football games back in ’94, goo stuffed lips, Jordan’s bathroom feeling more complete, chris’ ice cream with tacos and a dipshit in a van, broke ass kids grilled cheese, chipotle boys puttin’ batteries in stuff, and the legend of the fast food bandit. Strap on your bib ‘cause you’re in for a messy conversation here on episode 33 of JERK MOUNTAIN!


Music by POP ZEUS, used with permission 


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Jerk Mountain - Action Dicks
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