Jerk Mountain
Episode 27

Boo Pizza

Andy Gyger published on

It’s a beautiful evening at the top of Jerk Mountain- we’ve got a campfire going, Eli put some new batteries in our Speak-N-Spell, and Jordan has more meatballs than your body has room for… So c’mon over and we’ll learn you something about the best werewolf in film history, how Kathly Zathly is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with Wisconsin, and some of our favorite Halloween Flixx including one with Jim Carrey BEFORE he grew into his teeth! We’ll look into shipping a Stroopwafel via USPS, elaborate plans to cheat kids out of hardly-earned trick or treat candy, and Sisqo joins Lanny Kravzy in the Nutsac Hall Of Fame… We’ll explain this (and more) over a bucket of chicken here on Episode 27 of JERK MOUNTAIN!


Music by POP ZEUS, PizzaBear, and 3 Speed, used with "permission" and given a "lemony scent"


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Jerk Mountain - Boo Pizza
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