Jerk Mountain
Episode 25

Cover Me In Maple Syrup

Andy Gyger published on

We started from the bottom, but now you’re here with us at the top of Jerk Mountain for our 25th episode! To show our thanks and appreciation, we discuss how “it’s all recyclable”, how to make a vape shop owner uncomfortable, what fashion choices cross Jordan’s line, and how it’s important to find creative outlets for the stresses of life combined with dealing with others’ dipshittery. We’ll bestow Lemmy Krampus with our lifetime nutsack award, workshop some new age gravestones, share two important methods for cleaning a hat, and touch on a surprisingly outdated sales tactic that’s still used today. Pipe it in and bring your own corn to the mattress fire here on this supercut episode 25 of JERK MOUNTAIN!

Music by POP ZEUS and PizzaBear, used with permission

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Jerk Mountain - Cover Me In Maple Syrup
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