Jerk Mountain
Episode 36

Iggy Pop Body

Andy Gyger published on

Come on down to the lodge on Jerk Mountain where we recap the superb-owl and the decline of Levine, glory days and these lab-grown musicians that can be deployed in minutes, songs that have more writers than unique lyrics at the Grammys, "god’s plan", then we break down our Grocery game. We’ll grow a nostalgia boner for AIM and Will Smith on this week’s screen time, ponder what it is about “butt floss” that makes the wearer feel sassy, and we’ll try editing Kevin Spacey out of Kevin Spacey movies and replacing him with a different guy. Stick around ‘cause JCVD does the splits over two cabinets, Eli comes to the Drive-Thru unprepared, and Jordan posts something to Instagram! 

You’re gonna need an instruction manual to get off the couch here on episode 36 of JERK MOUNTAIN!


Music by POP ZEUS, used with permission 


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Jerk Mountain - Iggy Pop Body
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