Jerk Mountain
Episode 26

Milky Eyed Leader

Andy Gyger published on

Prost / Zum wohl!  You’ve made it to the top with us on Jerk Mountain, and boy do we have a hot bowl of chat stew with your name on it! We’ll hypothesize some face tattoos, talk about favorite die hard quotes most folks glossed over, prep for the apocalypse, put our children through the emotional turmoil of sifting through our CDs and cassettes later in life, and Jordan will find a leaf stuck to the bottom of his shoe. We’ll recap Eli’s birthday party story from last week, how vitamin b12 shots give you temporary superpowers, and we test the limits of our hearteries via eatin’ taters and watchin’ futbarrl. All this and much more on episode 26 of JERK MOUNTAIN!


Music by POP ZEUS, the Olsen twins, and an extension cord, used with no consideration to your aural safety

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Jerk Mountain - Milky Eyed Leader
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