Jerk Mountain
Episode 21

Night Swimmin'

Andy Gyger published on

High above the clouds just after dawn on Jerk Mountain echoes a bellowing voice of sharpness and anger… safe to assume Indiana Man is at it again yelling at his kids (or one of us), so join us as we cower in fear and talk about DUI Mugshot magazines, a day in the life of a free-range, anti-pharmaceutical human being, where Channel Locks come from, and Eli’s super duper birthday suit. We’ll also get ethereal on what kind of friend we are to each other (and how we better not Yoko the relationship), wonder why Dog the Bounty Hunter never turned Pro Wrestler, and see what we can remember of our 21st birthdays here on the 21st episode of JERK MOUNTAIN!


Music By POP ZEUS, used with permission

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Jerk Mountain - Night Swimmin'
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