Jerk Mountain
Episode 23

Seasonal Allergies

Andy Gyger published on

Join us at the summit of this pile of Kleenex at the top of Jerk Mountain for some Grade-A chitchat... you can learn how to "have uh good nihhht", how to handle yourself when things start Overflowin' (and how to turn adversity into a pitch for HGTV), and we explain how we're trying to Wrangle us some snacks in terms of sponsorship. We'll check in with "Captain Cod", touch some hot stuff, discuss shacking up in a bunker to avoid the flu, and wonder if fashion conscience is a thing in a post-apocalyptic world.  This week's Screen Time shines light on a series that will make you mouth-breathe, we compare being paranoid to being an ant on an anthill, and we ask the important question... "is it chill if i listen to tsweezy and Stan about it?" All this and some Pumpkin Spice Farts here on Episode 23 of JERK MOUNTAIN!

Music By POP ZEUS, used with permission

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Jerk Mountain - Seasonal Allergies
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