Jerk Mountain
Episode 22

Wearin' Goggles

Andy Gyger published on

Catch us shooting some chat hoops atop Jerk Mountain with our very good friend Aaron Light, who made his way up the slopes to talk all things basketball, living life a quarter at a time, and how to succeed while you're holding out for those green M&M's. Meanwhile, Jordan rocks a sweet Alonzo jersey while Eli panders for a free jersey, and we munch on some Titus while our ol' pal INDIANA MAN comes around again, ego intact... this time wearing  denim-on-denim maintenance suit... so we decide if it's time to hold a Focus Group for all the IndianaMans we sarcastically cherish in daily life. 

**Focus Group atendees will be compensated with Bud Light & old Dallas Clark jerseys**

We’re Edgy (or sophmoric) 

You decide... here on episode 22 of Jerk Mountain!


Music By POP ZEUS, used with permission

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Randy Newman can have a hammer loop during Gladiator Fights and a Game of NutBall.

Jerk Mountain - Wearin' Goggles
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