Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon
Episode 14

Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon

Brendan Kennedy published on

Greetings and Salutations True Believers ! Another episode of The Pantheon is here ! If you don't listen to this episode you're missing out!!!! Today's amazing guests....From the Northern regions of Edmonton ....Andrew James from .North Hammer!!!!! Purest of Pain !!!!!! and get ready for these outlaws as they come to take your soul and your town....Greystone Canyon!!!!!!!!! I've got birthdays and the news!!! I celebrate my 40th birthday with Darren Cherry of Greystone Canyon...Great times!!!! Happy Birthday Merel Bechtold from Purest of Pain I am here to work hard for you the beautiful bands that make this industry a better place you make this world a brighter place!!!! If you care about what i do as much as i care about what you do and for what every artist contributes to this world....donations are kindly and would be generously appreciated , show you care about what i do. I love you all. 


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