Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon
Episode 40

Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon

Brendan Kennedy published on

Greetings True Believers !!! Well they said i wouldn't see 40 !!! I proved them all wrong ! i'm gonna see a 100 !!! Today's amazing episode is dedicated to music and the wonderful , hard working artists that create it !!!!! Today's Songs : Tornado- Global Pandemic ( Please listen to this song with caution and an open mind , it is not hate speech in fact it is against and is making us as people open our eyes to our ignorance and it is time to change our ways, this song speaks volumes and has the balls to tell us where we are wrong as a race) , Dizzy Mystics- Diamond Duller, and the always amazing !!! My boys !!! Overhung !!! and their new song King of Dreams !!!! also on the program i have Sven Gali's new song Kill the lies!!!!!!! The news as always !!! And i wanna introduce you my fans and friends to a taste of 1993 as my closing song ....A Higher form of Killing by the industrial metal powerhouse PITCHSHIFTER!!!!!!    HAPPY 40TH TO THE FUCKIN PANTHEON \M/

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