Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon
Episode 82

Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon

Brendan Kennedy published on

Greetings True Believers and welcome to this very heavy episode of The Pantheon \m/ This episode is so heavy the very foundations of the planet are shaking from the tremors and that's exactly who i have here for you ....Ladies and Gentlemen !!! Please welcome Sean Peck ( Cage/Denner/Sherrman/ Death Dealer) and Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (Jag Panzer) Two out of the three most amazing !!! Greatest Heavy metal ensemble ever put together and they're right here !!! I give you !!!! THE THREE TREMORS !!!!!!!!  And i have some sad news and some happy news in the metal world for you today!!!!! Keep your horns to the sky friends!!!!

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