Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon
Episode 116

Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon

Brendan Kennedy published on

Greetings True Believers and welcome to another well due episode of The Pantheon ]m/ Please welcome today's guest's Adam and Mitch from Misshapen \m/ and for my second guest she has appeared on the song Queen of the galaxy with Dire Peril , please welcome the wonderful Brittney Slayes \m/ from Unleash the Archers \m/ and for my final guest please welcome the awesome Evgeniy Zayaryny from Red Cain as we talk about my hero Kobra from Kobra and the Lotus and their song wing of the crow... Come on in the show is also available on itunes as always and as always stay awesome to each other , see you next time ......HORNS HIGH \M/ 

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