Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon
Episode 127

Kennedy Entertainment Presents: The Pantheon

Brendan Kennedy published on

Greetings Friends and True believers \m/ Welcome to a new episode of The Pantheon !!! Please welcome special guest ......MIF from the immortal SLASH PUPPET \M/ There would have been other guests but one was filming a tragedy and Granny was taking a nap so today it is just about my hero !!! This man is from my childhood ! One of the reasons i got excited to see my favourite show on much music at the time Power 30 hosted by my inspiration in music and Journalism; Teresa Roncon \m/ Come hear this awesome interview as we talk about his music and films like Robocop: Prime Directives, Hemlock Grove, Dirty Work , Kick Ass 2 and more that this canadian treasure has had the honour of working in and come experience his music in full , 4 songs of awesomeness !!!!! .More fun, more music !!!!!!  more shenanigans !!!!!! Today's songs are Sh-boom by the Chords, Slash Puppet-Ripping on a Wishbone/When the Whip comes Down , MIF-Still Calling/ Born inside the shell \m/ Thank you for bearing with me as i fight the villain known as the cold virus Be well everyone \m/

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