Kensho, growth by pain

Hi, I'm Christian Parraga, also known as chispofish. I consciously started the path of personal development in 2007 after being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment. I was already diagnosed with a cure, but this was a great impact that helped me to open my eyes and wish to help other people to be able to grow as well.

Kensho is an initial awakening, we all have different moments when we open our eyes. However, sometimes we decided to grow by pain since this experience will help us to have a big change. I say, decide because we do it unconsciously, I've heard this concept of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith in a Mindvalley video, he said we choose to grow by pain or insight. The podcast will give you experiences from guests who had Kensho moments, hoping they will give you Satori moments (insight moments).

I want to help human transformation and its evolution.

This show is about people who are tired of living an empty life or who are the "modern slaves", it is about changing ourselves in order to have a different life. This is about being more, having more, earn more, and give more, because the more you give the more you get.

"If we want a different world or a different life, the change begins in oneself."

Welcome to my podcast "Kensho, growth by pain"