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12. The First David Job

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Hey! Food talk inside. Also sorry about the whirring in the background on this episode.

We’re watching the first part of the season finale, ‘The First David Job’. We’re probably talking about Shrimp, little-naked men, and the long con.

We also discus, the similarities between the above 3 things, the show my have redeemed some earlier characterisation missteps, water based food, Oscar winning film “angels and demons”, Australia isn’t real, the team holds in intervention for Nate, Elementary with my dear Lucy Liu, the hill this podcast will die on, Little Mikettes, French National Banks and French Nationals, Frankie’s Request, collar tug, Cass’ make out and crime fantasies, horny boy Elliot, tell her the truth!, brunch is a thing people do, it’s a red state but not as we know it, how many times over this 2 parter does Cass call Blackpoole the name Blackwell (the school from life is strange), WWPD?, Bonus episode incoming, PUT ANOTHER SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE, MATE!, Frankie’s promise.



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