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18. The 3 Days of the Hunter

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We’re watching the Three Days of the Hunter Job, we’re taking us about Area 51, Water, and Faux News.

Big CW for discussion of suicide and bad treatment of mental illness

We also discuss: season 2 trends, outback whiphouse, things we just ate, Aunt Zelda is mean, Hardison will remember that, the fantasy world of leverage where all cops are good except a few crooked ones, draw foley, Things Frankie did in the Past, Silver Pines, we need eggs, more bioweapons, the team swaps roles, the morality of using people’s ableism to take down bad people, Mr Snake’s Heel Theme, Cass got spooked, Tig ol Ape Bitties, Cass <3 Bloody Mary, the country was Argentina.


Silver Pines: An Audio Entropy RPG on Youtube

Jake The Snake Heel Theme

Tier Zoo, a zoology channel that describes animals as video game builds

The 200 Word RPG Challenge and Jeff Stormer’s RPG  

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