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19. The Top Hat Job

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We’re watching the “Top Hat Job”, we’re talking about frozen dinners, the mystic box, and loving ur gf.

We also discuss: *hacker voice*, Tom Clancy of Splinter Cell fame, Cass takes us backto the fashion corner, Sal Monela: Gangster or Toku Director?, Sophie appears to have some confused feelings about nate dating in this episode, have we found a good CEO?, Frankie recites Horse Memes throughout the episode and it puts Cass off, X-tray crispy pizza, Elliot’s coming out hot, Eric/Erik discourse, the team show up a jerkass, Pardison is only good when they’re pretending, get Timothy Hutton to play a supervillain, Parker and Elliot’s childhood phobias, why is Hardison the punching bag?, Blackwater made a videogame?, fun with portals, the team’s depression meals, and the Do Nate button.



Teen Titans: The Judas Contract


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