Let’s Steal a Podcast

2. the Homecoming Job

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

On this episode, we talk about Dick Cheney (who made money on the Iraq War), Postage and Handling fees, and Veteran Affairs.
in which Cass is eating Fairy bread throughout the episode, there is mention of a camel that is both drunk and slutty, there is a truly terrible line about buying politicians, the sleight of hand has a different director maybe? (it's actually a choreographer). Samus is a Metro ID, cheeky nighttime physical therapy, Cass mixes up feet and bones, Duke Nukem, “Distinctive style”, C-SPAN, Hardison predicts Watchdogs, Parker predicts Hobby Lobby, now THAT’S a LOT of money, are we talking about crate 541 or Fahrenheit 451?, Nate’s walkin’ here!, Hardison likes Sammy Davis Jr, Incriminating stuff, Corporal Perry is THIRSTY, Nate’s begun a midlife crisis and Roundabout Socialism.  Vets playing Vets, and the team are going to steal green lantern.



Black Closet

A game of boardroom politics, lesbian romance, and schoolgirl noir.

Solve the cases quickly, and everyone will applaud your leadership. Be too heavy-handed in your approach, and public opinion will turn against you. Let a thief slip through your fingers to strike again, and the whole school's reputation will suffer.


Catwishes or My Friends And I Were Granted Three Wishes By A Cat Goddess And I Swear I Got Distracted When My Turn Came Around

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