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20. The Two Live Crew Job with Zack from TWA

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We’re Watching the Two Live Crew Job, ask us about the Kobayashi Maru, Instant Pudding, and Kestrels.
We’re also Joined by Zack from TWA.
We discuss: Magitek hacking, handling the heavy stuff, a woodchipper’s purpose, Zack avoids Redneck media, Katherine is dead, Adrian’s A-Team Headcanon, Hannibals, Frankie makes history by being the first one other than Cass to point out Parker’s clothes, Starke is a grifter spec’d into a forger prestige class, Mikel Dayan’s Actress is unfortunate, also staring Apollo as Nate’s hands, we all imitate Dennis Nedry, Wil Wheaton’s forgettable face, Hardison continues to be unfortunate, the wider cultural dissemination of the Kobayashi Maru, the Worf Effect, and cheat or don’t play.

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