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22. The Lost Heir Job

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We’re watching the Lost Heir Job, we’re talking about CEO prison, Colour Blindness, Sexy Librarians.

We also discuss: The weather, the less said about Homestuck the better, Bat/Spider Equivalency, we’re all colour-blind this episode, the team rolls to intimidate, Elliot’s odd moral code, Risking a Mistrial, we get a genetics lesson, Frankie nearly hurts themselves gasping, why did she lie?,  While editing Cass looked up who in Star Trek Jeri Ryan played and she was Seven of Nine and hooo boy, our fave worlds, be the sexy/scary librarian you want to see in the world, there are worse things in the world than the funny vinyl figures with a weird art style, and Do Nate!

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette; CW for discussion of sexual assault, homophobia/slurs and violence,
Tetratower and Itch.io
Battle Chef Brigade
Project Runway Junior

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