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24. The Bottle Job

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

We’re watching the Bottle Job, we’re talking about the three pointer shots, three leaf clovers, and three undercover badges.

We also discuss: Cassidy’s prolonged tf story, the Sting, the golden- GILMORE girls, Liam and Liam’s brother, Tara is a co-worker not a friend but she is very good, Misogyny on both sides, Frankie recites poetry, emergency fun, old(er) man Nate, the Homestuck of Rom-Coms, deep cut to National treasure 2: book of secrets, our trivia hypothesis is once again failed to be disproven, the unfortunately titled but fascinating mechanics of Lovecraft games, Mr Kojima’s been unleashed, Donate so we can Do Nate.

Pizza delivery robot
hBomberguy: Adapting Lovecraft video
Audio Entropy Discord

Zee Bashew’s D&D animations including the animated spellbook
Locke & Key

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