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3. the Two Horse Job

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

This episode we’re discussing Horse Racing, Horse Rearing, and Insurance Fraud.

In which we forget to introduce ourselves, this season was shown out of order, we talk about power rangers for a bit, Felicity’s roommate is a witch, maybe? The horses scream, more of young Parker, creepy heterosexual euphmisms, Cass is trying to do a sexy voice throughout Sophie’s scenes, C U, the episode ends, IYS’s D&D alignment, evil Nate and rude Nate, Frankie prefers their revolutions to be red, M’Horse, we have a completely unnoticeable cut where we talked behind the scenes for a bit, Sophie’s cola, numbers, Pharlap and drop bears, Parker makes a good face, the Indiana jones theme is a thing, Jims Strerling, we plan some extra episodes, we go back and record some questions we got after we finished, excellent radio, and night-hobbits.



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