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31. The Inside Job

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We’re watching the Inside Job, we’re talking about Leeches, wheat, and learning robots.

We also discuss: fuck you leverage writers, the singing this episode, that will be covered in trivia, There is no spoon, the No-sell, Hank Green and the Nerd-fighters, “you sly dog, you caught me monologuing”, Hwheat, villainous PowerPoint, the zombies in Madagascar, Chekov’s Reporter, Elliot hairflip, the trivia equation gets back on track, Leverage sins, “it’s a learning robot”, “It’s a handjob robot, Cass!”, Mokujin, Hungle Fungus, Sweet breads, Kicking Scott Morrison’s ass to the curb, Australia Jokes, 5+ years till we announce a Patreon.

Fisto, the Sex-Bot of Fallout: New Vegas
Vampire Koala
Leech Vampire art
Australians can Enrol to vote HERE.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Tries and Fails
American Vandal Season 2
Crazy Little Things (Luna/Hermione Fanfic)
Safe (Emma/Regina Fanfic)
De-recommendations: Winx Club (Badly Animated, but Cass is going to watch it again)

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