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32. The Scheherazade Job

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We’re Watching the Scheherazade job, and we’re joined by Kendal. We’re talking about 1001 Nights, the Super Skrull, and Fictional African nations ruled by someone who’s brother is plotting overseas against him.

We also discuss Cass messed up the time zones so it’s really late for Kendall and he’s running on 6 cups of Coffee, Lovestruck’s challenge day, Cass’ first Pride, there’s one very bad thing, the bar is taking the subway, Gus is here, bad car assassin, is that a good comics reference?, Endurance Elliot is now Many Punch Man,  The Italian returns, the Reason for the Season,  Mythology episodes, the Stradivarius Trombone, The Brothers Moto, Let’s Flash a Podcast, Dirtbag Seinfeld podcast, Justin Fakedoe, Canadian Bacon, Kendal has thoughts about computers vs violin for success with ladies,  Kendal has thoughts about the sounds of string instruments, Scheherazade is just as loud as the 1812 Overture, Centigrade vs Epinephrine, Kendal’s Beethoven’s 9th Symphony joke, it’s no Chopin, where’s that Timmy kid?, Frankie guesses what we’re stealing next week.

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