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34. The Studio Job with Kendal

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We’re watching the Studio Job, joined once again by Kendal. We talk about Memphis, Bjork, and Fangirls.
We also discuss: Nashville, not a bad or good episode, Music production errors, DO @ Kendal, Justin of Bieber, what is music?, the fiddle game, that one wrestler, this guy doesn’t look like Mick Foley, Something about James Elsworth, white people are really common in films huh?, The Matrix, Autotune, its just 3 chords, sampling from country, a real spit-take, Sigur Rós, ribs for breakfast, iceberg water, Autotune again, Jonathan Colton, Zack’s A-Team headcanon, Cash and Carter-Cash, Folsom Prison Blues, someone went on the internet and lied to Cass, Bjork’s hair, the invention of podcasting, Venom was a movie, Cass liked it, Kendal isn’t sure, Frankie plays visual novels, Venom knows that ACAB, that dang wig, Venom spoilers/discussion ends at 1:30:18,  Doctor Who and we don’t like shipping the Doctor with companions, our friend Taylor Lautner.
13 Demon Princes

Love is Strange
Star Wars Resistance
Doctor Who season 11

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