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36. The Boost Job

Let's Steal a podcast LSP published on

We’re Watching the Boost Job, we’re talking about Speed Racer (2008), Parker meeting her former self, and going into a shop every week to look around even though you never buy anything there.

We also discuss: WTF is Waypoint, Racecar driver rant, our charming adverts, the Green Ghost, who you gonna call? Go-Busters!, Entrapment is bad, pitching Starcrossed, what was this actress in?, they’ve been blown, the Dumpster Drosse, Funny Danny DeVito be a Trashman, notes confusion, deadlines, we talk about Bleach and how the first 2 arcs are the best.

Littlekuriboh watches Yu-Gi-oh GX
Netflix’s Bleach
The Lonely Wolf treat games by Nami

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