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37. The Three Card Monte Job

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We’re watching the Three Card Monte Job, we’re talking about the Biblical Judith, the Motorola Razor, pigs who like coffee, and La Familia (again).

We also discuss: Frankie’s B-day (Happy Birthday!), Venom Brock and his Earthlien Husband, referential humour, Time Wizard, we don’t actually discuss this in the episode but where did the Italian go?, a terrible tool of capitalism, Parker and the Crowbar, casts in the cradle, Jimmy Ford’s just got one of those faces, oh Worm, sorry this is Maine, minicons, but like miniature cons, not the transformers faction, one last job, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, ceiling parker is watching you confront your paternal issues, liquid accent, the latest Totally Reprise, fuck you Moffat (that sad sack of shit), Brown Eyes by Young Nate, Come on the Show SophieD, we love Werewolves, Visual novel and fanfic authors have passion that is often absent from other fiction mediums, Cass needs to learn how to Yes And, Asta La Vista Usagi.

This Live performance of the Lupinranger vs Patranger theme.
Loan Wolf
Sing for Me Overwatch Werecreature AU
Rainbow Rowell

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