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38. The Underground Job

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We’re watching the Underground Job, we’re talking about Miner 49er, Country Roads (take me home), and the United Mine Workers of America.

We also discuss the Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream, Claremont-isms, fuck deregulation, the Lesbian Soul Reaper, the Mike Schur problem, unions are good, Nate does a misogyny, oh wow actually we can see why some people might ship Parker/Sophie, some weird ableism, what happened to the Italian? We actually ask this this time, the second Kingsman movie is big on misogyny but it has a good rendition of Country Roads, That scene in Shrek 2 where they discuss unions, F/F category triumph, The Audio Entropy Fanfic Network.

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Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream Archive
Cass’s Fanfic rec: A Place in the Sun by Sapphic_giraffic (Naruto Fanfic)

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