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39. The Rashomon Job

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We’re watching the Rashomon Job, we’re talking about acclaimed Japanese film-maker Akira Kurosawa, Shrimp Allergies, and Novelty Mugs.

We also discuss taking advantage of capitalism, videogames are sometimes good, Cass watched some live wrestling, Wrestling and children’s theatre are the same, this was a really good episode, what happened to the Italian?, The Deveraux identities, kudos to Mr Coswell’s Actor, shrimp is good, shrimp and prawns are different things apparently, Pax Australia send us an invite, Sophie’s memories are super Shakespearian, Elliot’s been typecast, fun with accents, cracking the ol’ Tanuki, BIG KNIFE, the Sophie chef, Hardison was underage drinking, Cass saw John Barrowman live, Steven Borden wielded by Bilbo Baggins, Ikiru spoilers end at 1:17:27, how to make handles, free food power move, please good people somehow find a way to get the Vampire: the Masquerade licence.

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